Cleansing your Mala

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Your handcrafted mala is sacred and unique. Each mala is charged with positive energy and intention. Just like any other precious gemstone, your mala beads can absorb energy. Malas can be cleansed on a regular basis to clear away negativity and to renew positive energy. 

How to cleanse your Mala?

There are several ways to cleanse your mala, here are a few of our favorites:

Palo Santo: A sweet smelling holy tree. Palo Santo is a cleansing herb that provides a safe space during meditation. It enhances creativity and positive energy. Carefully burn near your mala beads, letting Palo Santo's sweet and loving cleansing smoke clear away any negative energy and adding positive energy.

Sage: A sacred, cleansing and purifying herb. Same as Palo Santo, the King of Herbs works to clear away negativity. When the herb is burning, visualize the smoke of Sage removing blocks and letting your mala be cleansed and renewed.

Moon Baths: Bathe your mala in direct moonlight, when the Moon is full. 

Himalayan Salt: Carefully place your mala beads over Himalayan Crystal Salt or a shaped object made of this mineral.

If desired, you can close any of these cleansing rituals by repeating this mantra:

I release energy that no longer serves me.

I am open to abundance and love.

How do you cleanse your mala?

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